FKA firm supports the charitable activities of the Foundation "School Faraway"

Tadeusz Komosa, Partner at FKA Furtek Komosa Aleksandrowicz law firm, supports the charitable activities of the Foundation "School Faraway". As part of its pro bon activity, our law firm has prepared the instruments of incorporation and registration of the Foundation and Tadeusz Komosa, as a member of the Foundation Council, provides support to its Board of Directors on an ongoing basis. The main objective of the Foundation is to support students in different parts of the world, who, despite many obstacles and physical limitations, are eager to learn on.

About the Foundation

Even in the poorest, most inaccessible corners of the world, there are places where children can be safe and happy – where they can learn, and where someone knows how to take care of them. We want to support such places. We want to assist those who, though faced with shortages and difficult conditions, know how to provide for children’s needs and prepare them for life in the modern world in a way which allows them to develop without losing their cultural identity.

The purpose of the Schools Faraway foundation is to support the education of children living in remote, underdeveloped areas of the world. We believe that creating the conditions in which learning and occupational skills can be acquired is the only chance for fostering development, reducing poverty, and preserving priceless cultural heritage. We are encouraged in our efforts by the knowledge and enthusiasm of the local teachers, and above all by their determination and concern for the future of their pupils. Working with these inspiring leaders and with children growing up in conditions so different from what we are used to in the West also means getting to know different cultural traditions and exchanging experiences.
The funds we raise go towards supporting existing schools financially, building new schools, buying equipment, and providing scholarships for children and adolescents. -
Founders and Foundation Council

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