What sets us apart?

First of all, we know how to listen. Each case is different, and that is why we approach each one individually. Before proposing specific solutions we study your needs thoroughly. They, together with our professional knowledge, are our most important guide for the course of action we then propose.

We are innovative. We are thoroughly familiar with legal regulations and we see the relationships between various provisions. All this is so we can propose the most effective and safest course of action to you.

We solve our clients' problems on an ongoing basis. Just as you do, we constantly monitor the economic environment in which businesses operate. This is why we can quickly react to current legal problems that affect your business.

We are not only consultants. We are your business partner, a member of a temporary 'consortium' organised to undertake specific projects. Our client relationships – even for a single case – are built on an open communication of needs and possibilities. We are a loyal partner and we expect the same from our clients.

We are interdisciplinary. We examine all aspects of a project or problem, and do not propose fragmentary solutions that would cause 'side effects'. For the purposes of a project we form a team of experienced lawyers from various fields of law, which then in a timely manner prepares and implements comprehensive solutions that best reflect your situation.

The law – with all its complexities, mutual connections, hermetic jargon and Latin phrases – is just our “internal operating system”, which we use among ourselves. To you we deliver solutions described in a way that reflects your needs – precisely, concisely and succinctly.

We value your time. Our opinions begin with thoroughly thought-out conclusions. If you have no time to examine them further, all you need is a moment to learn what we can do and how we can do it. If you are worried that obtaining a legal opinion will delay the sought-after effect of a project, we will do everything in our power to show you that just the opposite is true.